Sportex investments Ltd - Sports ball manufacturers, Printers and General office suppliers

All our products are manufactured at our industries. We focus on quality and only offer you the best value for money.

All our balls are approved by Kenya Bureau of Standards KEBS- under certificate no.2804.

Our balls come in various categories:

    1. Kidstar Junior -LTR
    2. Kidstar Senior -LTR
    3. Nelion Volleyball L32C
    4. Nelion La Nata Netball
    5. Nelion Nix Handball
    6. Nelion Wacky Football
    7. Nelion Faxa Football

    1. Kidstar Junior -P
    2. Kidstar Senior -P
    3. Batian C32P Volleyball
    4. Elgon Nata Net ball
    5. Elgon Socka Football
    6. Elgon Bomber Football
    7. Elgon Striker Football
    8. Rugby Ball - SPO
    9. Elgon Black
    10. Batian Nike Handball
Our prices start from as low as Ksh 370. Call us now on 254-020-607520 to place your order.

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